Los Ojos Rojos - The Story

Over 200 years ago, earthquakes struck a remote island, which lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The island natives passed down horrid stories about what followed the earthquakes.

The natives claimed that "Island Spirits" were released from the ground and turned the people into wild savages with red eyes. The natives who survived called these red eyed creatures, Los Ojos Rojos...

The horrid accounts faded through time and are now viewed with a modern skepticism, but the recent seismic activity has caused some to re-evaluate their disbelief in the old stories.

In fact, some claim that the savage creatures called Los Ojos Rojos have returned...

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The Cast


Actor: Serai Ballmann


Actor: Coming Soon

Alfred The Scientist

Actor: Coming Soon

Maria's Grandfather

Actor: Coming Soon

Maria's Brother

Actor: Coming Soon

The Crew

Director / Producer / Screenwriter

Vincent Nijman

Director Of Photography

Coming Soon


Frank Deruiter

Sound Recordist

Coming Soon


Lucy Dalton